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Pete Fellows

Author and Company Director

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Pete Fellows - Author and Company Director

Pete Fellows has spent most of his adult life thinking about writing a novel and then a small percentage of this actually writing one. It’s been a journey. Not one of those reality show type of journeys, it’s just been a long time coming.

One of the activities that has kept him occupied is running his own intellectual property recruitment firm, Fellows and Associates. That doesn’t mean he recruits copyrights, he and his team recruit attorneys working in the IP sector across the world. It’s pretty obvious that he would end up in this career given his degree in philosophy.

Pete is married to Michele with two kids, Riley and Harper (named pre-Beckham). He’s originally from Wolverhampton, lived in Southampton, London, Australia, temporarily in a variety of US states and Canadian provinces before finally settling in Leeds.

His first novel, Zeroworld, is partly driven by Pete’s healthy aversion to dying and hopes that at some point a death-avoidance strategy can be realised. In the meantime, he’s left with putting Madeline in this enviable situation. Pete has a love for the US having travelled there extensively so it made sense for him to set his novel in a fictional version of New York.