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Zeroworld - The Novel

Madeline had died. No not recently. No, she wasn’t a vampire, erghh. Madeline is a barista. A mediocre one. She lives in New York but also not New York. It’s New York but virtual, and she’s virtually living there as a virtual person. She used to be an actual person but since dying she’s less so.

Life was pretty normal until a guy walked in her coffee shop and turned all the coffee into wine. Then there was an incident with an Accountant who was a dragon (yes literally, well virtually). Then events got really crazy.

She misplaced her friend Mike and in trying to find him uncovered a conspiracy that could change her world forever. Zeroworld that is. A virtual world that everyone had forgotten. It had been relatively normal for hundreds of years with the exception of rampant inflation and the malaise created by an absence of mortal peril. When you re-introduce mortality and fantasy creatures into a world like that well someone has to be behind it. And that person might just be good with numbers.

This is a novel about avoiding death by becoming virtual. It’s a hybrid science fiction and fantasy story uncovering a conspiracy, fighting against it and developing powers, some of them useful. If you like strong female leads (there are three), double crosses, what it would be like to live after death and cheesecake then you may have found the book for you.

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